While our objective is to consistently deliver superior quality, our business owe a duty of care to stakeholders society, including communities and the environment.

We aim to lead our industry in integrating ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) initiating into our business. All of our ESG integration activities are implemented throughout the FKS group that are aligned with the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDG).

Represented by butterfly, our CSR icon has a go-beyond narratives
defining the essentials that will achieve the main goal:


Together we will make better and bigger impact. Therefore, collaboration is the key,
both with internal and external parties.


Butterfly is a symbol of perfection as it emerges from caterpillar and transforms beautifully,
the wings perfectly mirroring the equilibrium and conveys the sign of a balance ecosystem.


Giving and sharing to others matter to us. To contribute
means for a betterment stance and condition.

CSR Pillars

Ethics & Governance

We are committed to conducting business ethically and in compliance with the governing law. To ensure compliance, we abide by our Standards of Business Conduct which contains guidance for employees on all applicable anti-bribery laws.

Health, Safety & Environment

We apply all health and safety codes, regulations, laws and policies pertaining to the health and safety environment as well as assess risks and identify hazards in the workplace and ensuring the proper maintenance of equipment, machinery and the overall facilities.

Food Safety

Food safety is a shared responsibility between governments, industry, producers and consumers. Achieving food safety is a multi-sectoral effort requiring expertise from a range of different discipline. People should make well-informed of wise food choices, adopt adequate behaviors and how to handle food safely.

Social Development Program

We believe opportunity starts with education. Everyone has a chance to grow and progress beyond their roles. That’s why we invest in education, apprenticeship and advancement opportunities to help employees continue advancing on their path forward.


Our core purpose of “Fostering Potential” brings positive impact to our people, our community and our environment by working together to create no poverty, no hunger, quality education, innovation and infrastructure and sustainable cities and communities – which we profoundly concentrate on ethics & governance, health, safety & environment, food safety as well as social development program.




FKS Foundation

FKS Foundation

Founded by the FKS Group as a reflection of our corporate care and social responsibility toward community and the environment. The foundation focuses on education and humanitarian work because we believe that through education, children can achieve their potentials and contribute to their development.